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Race report by Michal Bok
Round 2 of the Czech Republic Championship for 1/8 off-road and truggy was held on the weekend of May 17 & 18 at track of club 1.PTS Táborník near Mlada Boleslav. The track was very technical and flat until Saturday's final. Free practice was on Friday for 3 hours. During the free practice there was a strong rainshower but it lasted only a little while. During my free practice (and also Martin Pater's) our XRAY XB808 cars handled great. There were 66 drivers at the start of the race on Saturday, and during qualification the cars ran fast and hard.

Qualification results:

1. BAYER Martin
2. PATER Martin XRAY XB808
3. BOK Michal XRAY XB808
4. BAYER Ales jun.
5. MARA Jiri jun.
6. ZEMAN Lukas
7. MUSIL Jakub
8. JURENKA Miroslav sen.

The semi-final B was won by Martin Pater who battled with 2nd place driver Ales Bayer for the win at the end of the run.

After the start of semi-final A, Martin Bayer was in the lead with Michal Bok with a big gap back to the others. At the first incident, Michal was leading, and Martin Bayer damaged his buggy so much that he could not continue. Michal won the run by one lap ahead of 2nd place Jirka Mára.

The final results for the final run:

1. BOK Michal XRAY XB808
2. PATER Martin XRAY XB808

3. BAYER Ales jun.
4. MARA Jiri jun.
5. ZEMAN Lukás
6. MUSIL Jakub
7. ZVARA Martin ml.
9. JURENKA Miroslav sen.
10. DUBAK Adam XRAY XB808

After start of the final, Martin and Ales Bayer crashed together so both dropped to the very back. Michal was leading until he tried overtaking Ales Bayer (who was 2 laps down) and collided with him. In a while there was another contact, Michal got a stop-and-go penalty because there were many cars flying around and the referees decided that Michal was to blame for the collision. After all his troubles, Michal was in 6nd place. Then more problems happened when Martin's engine flamed out after a fuel stop. This enabled Martin Zvara ml. to take the lead with a lap ahead of the others. However, Michal and Martin concentrated on their runs and tempo and began to overtook the others. Martin had an excellent second half and won the race.

Final results:

1. PATER Martin XRAY XB808
2. BOK Michal XRAY XB808

3. MARA Jiri jun.
4. MUSIL Jakub
5. ZVARA Martin ml.
6. JURENKA Miroslav sen.
8. BAYER Ales jun.
9. DUBAK Adam XRAY XB808
10. ZEMAN Lukás

Martin Pater Winning Set-up sheet.