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Round 1 of the Lithuanian Off-road Championship took place in Kaunas, Lithuania. This currently is the only off-road track in Lithuania, being 290m long, a surface of mainly clay, with sections of carpet. At first glance it may look like an easy track, but like all tracks it has its own individual character - some turns on slopes, altitude variations and even water beds, which make braking difficult. and what is more - the track is dusty and bumpy - a real challenge for the drivers. Apart from a nice house-type wooden driver stand, a new spectator stand which accommodates 70-80 people has been built just above the main straight.

Since the number of racers wasn't large, qualifying only determined your starting positions and gave you a chance to try different setups, and for international drivers to get used to the track. The weather was changing - rain the morning (Qualifying) and sun in the afternoon (finals). Two buggy
classes are run in the Lithuanian Championship - buggy (for children and less experienced) and sport (for better drivers).

Buggy Sport:
1. Taurius Sinkevicius
2. Edgaras Snipas
3. Rokas Zabulionis
4. Mindaugas Pacevicius XRAY XB8
5. Andres Käver XRAY XB8
6. Paulius Varnagiris XRAY XB8
7. Rytis Rukstele XRAY XB8

Buggy Hobby:
1. Mantas Urbonavicius XRAY XB8
2. Martynas Pacevicius XRAY XB8

3. Teodoras Bliuvas
4. Gytis Teodoriunas
5. Simona Snipaite (the only racer girl in the field) XRAY XB8
6. Rytis Pacevicius XRAY XB8

1. Teodoras Bliuvas
2. Giedrius Meskauskas
3. Jonas Pacevicius XRAY XT8
4. Andres Käver XRAY XT8

5. Elidas Klevinskas

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podium Sport
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The weather cleared up and we had a nice 45min race in the Sport final, and 30min finals in the Hobby and Open classes. The Sport class started as usual with Taurius Sinkevicius in the lead, but after the first pit stop his car flamed out twice due to bad low/idle tuning and so he lost 4 laps to the leader Rokas Zabulionis. The battle for second place lasted until the last minute as Taurius quickly closed the gap and started chasing Mindaugas Pacevicius. Nevertheless - speed isn't everything, and with Mindaugas' consistent driving, the results were:

1. Rokas Zabulionis
2. Mindaugas Pacevicius XRAY XB8
3. Taurius Sinkevicius
4. Andres Kaver XRAY XB8
5. Paulius Varnagiris XRAY XB8
6. Rytis Rukstele XRAY XB8

7. Edgaras Snipas

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podium Hobby
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The final for the less experienced drivers is getting better and better - although the gap is still big, driver behavior is a lot more polite. Mostly XRAY cars were used in this class, due to their extreme durability.

1. Mantas Urbonavicius XRAY XB8
2. Martynas Pacevicius XRAY XB8
3. Simona Snipaite XRAY XB8

4. Gytis Teodoriunas
5. Rytis Pacevicius XRAY XB8
6. Teodoras Bliuvas

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podium Open
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The Open was dominated mainly by a racer from Estonia with an XRAY truggy.

1. Andres Kaver XRAY XT8
2. Teodoras Bliuvas
3. Jonas Pacevicius XRAY XT8
4. Giedrius Meskauskas
5. Elidas Klevinskas

XRAY cars:
XRAY cars were the most popular cars used in Lithuania by the less experienced drivers, as the drivers crash more and XRAY is known for its durability. The driver that came 2nd in the Sport final had a modified XRAY that weighed only 3.300kg ready to run.