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Race report by Stanley Wangsanegara
Round 2 of the MHT Series was held on April 27, 2008 at the WTC Mangga Dua Track. The race format consisted of three 7-min qualifying rounds with the best round counted. It was a fixed final system.

The MHT Series is one of the biggest races in Indonesia, and with an overwhelming number of participants this race is gaining popularity. The number of participants has grown from 80 drivers in Round 1 to over 100 drivers in Round 2. The race started at 8:30AM and finished at 7:30PM.

The race is held at one of the biggest tracks in Indonesia, with lap times of over 1 minute. The combination of high temperature and humidity with a slightly slippery surface made this race very challenging, and moreover the series of jumps was also a bit tricky. The good news was that the track surface was holding up very well, so we raced in moderate conditions, not extremely bumpy.

In the qualifying round I took 2nd position for the A main final starting grid. I think if I had more time to practice in the days before, I might be able to take the TQ position. Only the day before was I able to try the track for 3 laps before the rains came. But of course I am glad for the result considering that the track is so new for me. I should also mention that the track was so demanding and honestly I was a bit worried because it is only the second race with my prototype XB808. In the qualifying rounds I did not push too far because I want to save my car.

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L-to-R: Danny Izwahyudi, Richard S., Cahyadi Wijaya, Stanley Wangsanegara, Suryadi Wijaya
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In the final, I was hit in the back by the another car and made some mistakes in the multiple jumps section, so I rejoined the race dead last. With a lot of determination I got back into 2nd position at the 10-min mark. Not long after that my rear left shock became damaged and I had to cruise back to the pit to get it fixed. Luckily it turned out that the shock nut had only fallen off; I thought that I had broken the rear shock tower but luckily XB808 is much stronger than that. After that I was dead last again and almost 1 lap down. I charged as hard as I could and by the 27-minute mark I manage to took over the 1st position and held it until the end of the race.

All-in-all I have to say that the XB808 is very good. The handling of the car is just incredible, the jumping ability is the best, acceleration is phenomenal and can most assuredly be a great advantage when the car is properly set up. Finally, the XB808 is unbelieveably strong; I proved it again and again in such a demanding race. Most of the people that watched the race were quite amazed with the performace of the car.

The result of the buggy A Main is as follows:

1. Stanley Wangsanegara XRAY XB808
2. Sammy Adam
3. Hanny
4. Adrian Kanai
5. Nono
6. Herman
7. Mahessa
8. Hengky
9. Irwan
10. Asep T
11. Cahyadi Wijaya XRAY XB808
12. Rama Danindro

In the Truggy class, Mr. Richard (driving an XT8) took top honors to win the A Main.

The result of the truggy A Main is as follows:

1. Richard Suryo XRAY XT8
2. Azis P. XRAY XT8
3. Irwan D.
4. Ario
5. Rudy Brewok XRAY XT8
6. Rudy DL
7. Nono
8. Herman
9. Andi
10. Dhanny Izwahyudi XRAY XT8
11. Sammy Adam
12. Yufti

In the B Main Buggy Class, Mr. Suryadi Wijaya took the top spot with his XB8EC. There is also a very promising young driver that won the D Main with his XB8EC. His name is Mr. Jason Nugroho and he will be 8 years old in another 3 weeks!

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Jason Nugroho & Michael Nugroho (father)
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Stanley Wangsanegara Set-up sheet.