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XRAY has again gone beyond the limits, and proudly introduces the most up-to-date advanced high-tech luxury 1/10 Electric Touring Car, the XRAY T1 EVO2. The new T1 EVO2 is built on the successful T1 that had outstanding performances at tracks throughout the world (World Championship finalist, US Stock National Champion 2002, DHI Cup Winner, Multiple National Champion and countless Regional and Local Winner), and received numerous accolades in the press (credits received for the highest-quality touring car and official Award from the most prestigious magazine RC Car Action as the Best Crafted Touring Car in the World). Now is the time for the best of the best, the new XRAY T1 EVO2.

New Features: click to enlarge
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- new 6-cell graphite chassis for multiple battery placement positions (3+3 saddle packs, or 6-cells in a row on the left or right side)
- new flexible top deck (graphite) for improved handling characteristics
- new ultra-tune rear shock tower (graphite) for multiple shock mounting positions of new XRAY shocks or SERPENT shocks
- new front shock tower (graphite) suits now also larger tires and new longer front XRAY shocks
- new dual Ackermann servo saver for improved steering
- new T6 hard-coated duraluminum bulkheads enables front and rear belt tightness adjustment
- new Kevlar-reinforced ultra-thin high-performance front and rear belts for maximum drive train efficiency
- new front and rear arms with additional and optimum shock mounting positions
- new improved steering blocks designed to withstand the hardest impacts
- new one-way bearing with exterior grooves to eliminate slippage
- brand-new XRAY manufactured shocks; possibility to make externally adjustable or standard shocks
- new XRAY Keyed System pistons and shock rods (adjustable + non-adjustable)
- new XRAY specially selected high performance racing springs have the same lengths and damping characteristics
- new XRAY high-speed ball-bearings with special polyamide blue covers, degreased and lightly oiled with AeroShell Fluid 12 oil for maximum smoothness, long life, highest tolerance and maximum performance
- new axial ball-bearing for differential with larger balls for smoother operation of the diff
- new Starburst Wheels formulated from tough plastic composite

Main Features: click to enlarge
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- based on the extremely successful T1 concept
- pure design, long life, ultra-stiff chassis
- very easy assembly/disassembly and maintenance
- fully independent, fully adjustable suspension
- efficient 2-belt, 4-wheel driver system with low CG
- fully adjustable wheelbase (9mm range)
- fully ball-bearing equipped (22 ball-bearings)
- CNC-machined lightweight graphite chassis, upper deck, shock towers, battery straps, bumper holder
- extra long narrow-arc lower arms for increased stability
- rear camber links optimized for perfect roll moment
- CNC-machined hardcoated T6 duraluminum bulkheads with belt tightness adjustment
- XRAY smart battery holder system with captured fastener wheel
- ball-bearing supported center-point steering with built-in dual Ackermann servo saver
- new unique 4-step externally adjustable XRAY racing shocks with adjustable and non-adjustable keyed pistons
- lightweight, externally adjustable, long wear ball differentials (heat treated and hardcoated) with Labyrinth Dust Covers
- rebuildable universal drive shafts made from special world renowned top-secret self-developed HUDY SPRING STEEL with low-friction drive clips and integrated ultra-true hex hubs (heat treated and hardcoated)
- exclusive high-tensile transmission parts handmade from special world-renowned top-secret self-developed HUDY SPRING STEEL
- full-color 3D rendered instruction manual
- full-color Set-Up Book with excellent, extensive setup information
- VIP Card and Certificate of authenticity for registering to the VIP Room at www.myTSN.com

Adjustment possibilities: click to enlarge
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- fully adjustable front and rear suspension geometry: caster, camber, toe-in, anti-dive, anti-squat, ride height, downstop, track width, roll center, wheelbase (9mm range)
- adjustable center one way for oversteer/understeer balance
- externally adjustable front and rear ball differentials
- adjustable bulkheads for belt tightness control
- adjustable spring steel turnbuckles (steering and rear upper links)
- multiple upper and lower shock mounting locations for front and rear
- 6-cell chassis allows for multiple battery placement positions (3+3 saddle packs, or 6-cells in a row on the left or right side)
- externally adjustable racing shocks (4 step)
- pre-drilled chassis locations for optional chassis weights
- pre-drilled chassis centerline holes for chassis balancing
- adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars (optional)
- chassis flex adjustment (optional)
- front upper arm kick-up adjustment (optional)