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This last weekend was round four of DRT's summer series using Proline Bowtie control tyres . The weather had been poor in the UK for most of the week, but a few dedicated people prepared the track to a high standard. With good weather on Sunday, it was great days racing for all.

The format of the event was to be 10-minute qualifying heats and three rounds, with the best two counting for all drivers; we would get plenty of track time. There were five heats split between buggy & truggy.

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In qualifying, not many tried for an entire 10-minute session. This included myself as I was running in an engine. My XB808 performed well but was unable to show its true potential as the engine was very tight. Many new team members had good runs, learning and settling into their new cars; a total of eight cars went straight into the A main which was a great result.

Everyone had good runs in the Final, including myself who had a great battle with Elliot. Unfortunately, my engine tune made it difficult for me to achieve the jumps which would cost me at the end of the 20 minutes (by which time Elliot had built up a slight lead). At the end of the final I was able to finish 2nd with Alex in 3rd. A great result for the UK Team.

XRAY quality shone through, with eight XB808's in the main and half of the buggy entries running XB808s. Reports from racers tell them to be "over the moon" with the new kit.

Final results:

1. Elliot Boots
2. Brenn Ralls XRAY XB808
3. Alex Gillbanks XRAY XB808

4. Reece Ashby
5. Ricky Burnett XRAY XB808
6. Brian Ward
7. Oli O'Connor XRAY XB808
8. Jason Dixon XRAY XB808
9. Steve Webb XRAY XB808
10. Jim Birch XRAY XB808
11. Jon Legg XRAY XB808

12. Nino Athanasiou

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Brenn Ralls Set-up sheet.