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Race report by Florian Laux
Round 2 of the German XRAY Nitromasters was held between June 7-8 in Pleinfeld/Bavaria. Nearly 60 drivers attended the race despite the heavy rain on the very slippery carpet off-road track. XRAY cars set the fastest times.

In Buggy class it was the XRAY XB808 of Ralf Bauer which was fastest after the four qualifying heats. In Truggy class it was Florian Laux with his XT8.

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Unfortunately, heavy rain started during the finals, so the organizers decided not to run the Buggy semis and rank the buggies from the qualifying ranking list.

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With the truggies it was a different story. As the semis were already run, the drivers decided to drive the final, despite the track being very wet. The Truggy final was a dominated by XRAY driver Bernd Langbein, Armin Kobler, and Florian Laux. On the very wet track, with a lot "little lakes," it was a very spectacular final with a good show for the spectators. At the beginning Armin, Bernd and Florian set the pace with their XT8 Truggies but after 10 minutes Armin had to quit because his throttle servo failed due to the water. Florian and Bernd drove smoothly, taking care of their truggies and in the end it was Florian who crossed the line first, half a lap ahead of Bernd.

Final order Buggy:

1. Ralf Bauer XRAY XB808
2. Phillip MĂĽller XRAY XB8EC
3. Udo Stafflinger XRAY XB808
4. Thomas SĂĽĂźmuth XRAY XB808
5. Sven Wagner XRAY XB808

XRAY driver Ralf Bauer

XRAY driver Phillip MĂĽller

Final order Truggy:

1. Florian Laux XT8
2. Bernd Langbein XT8

3. Bejamin Doleschal
4. Jörg Gilles
5. Florian KaulfuĂź

A big "Thank you" goes to the organizers of the event, who did a very good "bad weather job."

XRAY driver Florian Laux

XRAY driver Bernd Langbein