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German driver Markus Mobers, European Champion in Pro10, has joined Team XRAY prior to the European Championship 2002 in Touring Cars to race with the most up-to-date T1 EVO2, and compete for the prestigious title.

We briefly interviewed Markus, and asked him the following two questions:

1.) Could you tell us little about your racing career?
I started my RC career in 1985 at the age of 10 with 1/12th scale. Since 1992 I made every European A-Final in 1/12th and finished 4 times as Vice-Champion. I was once Vice European Champion in Pro 10 and last year I became European Champion Pro 10. I have won 26 German nationals in 1/12, Pro 10, and F1. In 2000 and 2002 I made the Worlds A-Final in 1/12th.

I started to race touring cars 8 months ago. In March I drove my first carpet nationals and finished 4th there with the Corally touring car. In February I finished 1-1/2 seconds behind Jilles at the Corally Thunderdays with 120 racers entered.

2.) Why did you decided to drive the new XRAY T1 EVO2 prior the European Championship?
The touring car class is the most competetive in the world and for the European title also only the best drivers will compete, and if you want to do your best, you have to drive the best car. I have watched how well the XRAY did for the short time it is out, how Jilles showed the performance and racing pedegree of the car in every race he entered, and I have experienced the professional attitude of the team and the unbelievably quick and professional continuous development and efforts the team and company puts to make the car the best. I am also diehard for the highest quality stuff and T1 EVO2 is simply the best crafted touring car I have ever seen. I am confident that with the high performance of this car, with the professional team support and my racing experiences, I will do my best at all races I will enter and I have been looking forward to the European Championship and the German Nationals that will follow a week after.