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On Saturday, June 28, the last and decisive round of the Maltese National off-road Championship was held at the MMORRC track at Kordin at the limits of Paola. The championship was open for both the buggy and truggy classes. The championship consisted of 10 rounds from which the best 8 rounds of each driver were chosen. Some of Malta's most skillful drivers took part in this championship, so we enjoyed some great, clean driving throughout the championship. The championship was very tight and the final round gave us the verdict of the 07/08 championship.

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This championship will remain in Omar Xuereb's mind for a long time because he won both categories. Omar was consistent throughout the championship, but in the middle of the championship he wanted more quality and more performance from his vehicles so he decided to switch to XRAY. The XB808 and XT8 proved to be the right choices for him because as soon as he switched to XRAY, his performances improved and gave rise to 1st place finishes in both buggy and truggy classes.

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The first runner-up of both classes was Jonathon Tonna driving an XB808 and
XT8 powered by Axe Rossi Engines. Jonathon Tonna showed some excellent driving skills throughout the championship but he was not as consistent as Omar Xuereb. The second runner-up in the buggy class was Lawrence Agius and the second runner-up in the truggy class was Noel Barun with his XRAY XT8.

MMORRC would like to give a big thanks to Chris from TECHLAB for his time and efforts to make this championship run smoothly.

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Buggy results:
1. Omar Xuereb XRAY XB808
2. Jonathan Tonna XRAY XB8

3. Lawrence Agius
4. Noel Barun XRAY XB808
5. Braydon Azzopardi XRAY XB808

6. Miguel Caruana
7. Ivan Sant
8. Noel Micallef

Truggy results:
1. Omar Xuereb XRAY XT8
2. Jonathan Tonna XRAY XT8
3. Noel Barun XRAY XT8

4. Godwin Ghigo
5. Tony Seisun XRAY XT8
6. Glenn Galea XRAY XT8

7. Gilbert Galea
8. Fransuoi Gerada