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Race report by Craige Lewis
It was a cool Sunday morning for the first round off the Illawarranitro Winter challenge. Was a good turn out from our local racers! And a few off the top drivers form the state showed up as well!

We had around half hour off practice while every one was registering to race. I was quick to get on the track to sort out how the car was going to be and what my tire choice was going to be.

The first qualifying heat went well I still managed to win while the Car felt a little to stiff so I went and dropped oil weights in the shocks and one lighter in the springs and the car was a lot better so I left it for the remainder off qualifying "which I mangaged to win all four heats!

At the end off qualifying sore me TQ and go straight into the main! As we only run 6 minute heats most doing 8 laps in that time! My last one was a flyer pulling out a 9 lapper in 6m.56 I was stoked as only 3 other people have achieved this on our track Ari Barkler, Wayne Walker and Andrew Gillot.

The main was only 20 minutes long I got and average start back in 3rd buy the time we crossed the loop and hung around there for around the first 6 minutes then fuel stops came into it. Buy the time I had come in for my 2nd fuel stop I came in a little early which left me around 8 minutes remaining to the finish I was 1 lap up on the 2nd place and was pulling away nicely buy the time the buzzer went I had won by 2 laps.

1. Craige Lewis XRAY XB808 (TQ)
2. Craig Braidwood
3. Daniel Bridge
4. Arron Judd
5. Peter Davis XRAY XB808
6. Nathan Raffin
7. Steven Drygalla
8. Kevin Lewis
9. Theo Assa

Thanks to Hunter valley r/c, Custom model cars.