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The Sunshine Coast in Queensland hosted the first Novarossi Cup held in Australia. The Club had prepared a perfect American style track with some of the biggest jumps seen in Australia. It had rained alot before the start of qualifyingand this left the surface soft and slippery, unique was that it never chewed up and remained very smooth.

Qualifying was based on rocket round, fastest to count. A big battle emerged between Mark Stringer, Dave Burgess and XRAY`s Ian Haley all on top at various times eventually TQ fell to Dave on Sunday morning. Haley fought back with some minor setup changes for the semi`s had the XT8 on pole for the A main.

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The scene set for a great battle and so it was for the first few laps Haley leading with Burgess in his wheel tracks, then Dave made an error and fell back to 4th, Ian pulled about 15 seconds or so by the 20 minute mark with Dave working his way past Mark and Bill unfortunatly his run ended when his
Hongnor broke a front arm. Haley then cruised to victory the Werksracing powered XRAY XT8 enjoying a huge margin at the line.

Top 3 of Novarossi Cup:

3. Bill ROSS

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Ian Haley Winning Set-up sheet.