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The Ballajura show in Perth, perfect venue for Radio Rally Club to run one of its toughest races on the calendar.

West Australia's best drivers turned up and the competition was...hot... everyone pushing up to and some over the limit.

Qualifying had some extremely close fights, one mistake proving costly to those who did not allow for the track breaking up. Haley`s XRAY XB808 came away with TQ, its weight advantage paying dividens on the rough terrain.

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With the large number of drivers the A main would start as the shadows began to fall on the track, spectators were in for a real...show!

Haley and Wolhuter lead the pack for the first frantic corners, Martin making a mistake dropping to 6th he recovered and moved back to 2nd now involved in a big fight with Logan Breucher. Haley meanwhile quietly opened the gap the Werks Racing powered XB808 running consistent fast laps. Lap 34 and Haley had Wolhuter lapped, Logan had not given up though, his race on the limit with time running out and the mistakes coming his Hobao called it quits! Smulders now moved to 2nd and Ken Isbister to 3rd with another XRAY XB808. And that was that for the most tortuous race this year.

Finals results:
1st Ian Haley XRAY XB808
2nd Steven Smulders
3rd Ken Isbister XRAY XB808
4th Jaicob Mann XRAY XB808

5th Josh Taylor
6th Logan Bruecher
7th Sean Bavington
8th Ashley Whittaker
9th Shane Angelinovich
10th Martin Wolhuter
11th Paul Wyllie
12th Mike McDonnell XRAY XB808

Full details at www.radiorally.org.au

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Ian Haley Winning Set-up sheet.