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Southern Race Series - race report by Brennan Ralls
The Southern Race Series or SRS as better known this week was held at the Novarossi raceway. With extra cash from the landowner this commercial venture now has two tracks. Firstly the original all weather astro track & secondly one of the uk's largest motocross style dirt track which this meeting was held on. The Facilities now has everything from showers, cafe undercover pitting & acres of outside pitting making the perfect venue for large events.

Jon was on a testing weekend so missed out on overall TQ but when the balance was found TQ'd the last round by a considerable margin but was to be 2nd on the grid. Mark Dell carried on with this years recent form he's found since changing to the 808 to qualify 6th. Reece Sawyer had borrowed Brens 808 for a few meetings after leaving another branded car & this being his first time out qualified 4th.

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With jons setup transferred to both Marks & Reeces the 3 of them romped off & built a commanding lead over the rest of the field to give a 1,2,3 for XRAY & the 808. Steve Brunsden also driving an 808 worked his way through the pack from 13th to a deserved 7th.

1 Jon Hazlewood XRAY XB808
2 Reece Sawyer XRAY XB808
3 Mark Dell XRAY XB808

4 Simon Turner
5 Simon Yeung
6 Ricky Cooper
7 Stephen Brunsden XRAY XB808
8 Rob Rasey
9 Tony Truman
10 Glen Blunden

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In the Truggys again Simon Freeman showed his recent form to qualify & finish 2nd missing out on the win by 2 seconds.

1 Mark Byrne
2 Simon Freeman XRAY XT8
3 Mark Bailey

Congratulations to all & for young Reece shows what results can be had with a good reliable car in his hands, this is also the first A final he's finished for quite a while so well done. The Xrays again showing great reliability & build quality over the other manufacturers as once again the big names failed..

Brennan Ralls (UK's Trackside boss)


DRT Bowtie Summer Series - race report by Brennan Ralls
This weekend was another round of the DRT Bowtie summer series sponsored by CML.

The Xray Brand has really taken a hold at DRT with normally 50% of the entry's being Xray proving its reliability is King.
With a few technical issues & a delayed start through to some of the local undesirables stealing some of the electrical cables all the racers were able to get plenty of practice prior to the start. The 808's of Ricky Burnett, Jason Dixon & Jim Birch were the class of the field & showed the pace for the others to follow. The 3 of them gave Xray a 1,2,3 in qualifying & what would be a team battle for the honours in the final.

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(click to enlarge)

With Ricky on pole gremlins would strike him early with a wheel coming off, he would repair it quick & his pace got him back to 4th at the end. Jason took up the honours of the lead & Jim second, after stretching the lead the pair would come home 1,2 for Xray.

1 Jason Dixon XRAY XB808
2 Jim Birch XRAY XB808

3 Brian McGinty
4 Ricky Burnett XRAY XB808
5 Eric Rose
6 Paul Greentaylor
7 Michael Gilles XRAY XB808
8 Oliver Greentaylor
9 Darryl Le Grange XRAY XB808
10 Lee Mardell

Well done guys.

Brennan Ralls (UK's trackside boss)