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Round 7 of the Danish Onroad Championships was held at Hiller?d Banen (www.hrcr.dk). Martin Lissau and Martin Christensen had just been doing well at the WC in Portugal, but for the National title it was XRAY NT1 driver Claus Ryeskov who was heading for the overall 2008 national title.

For Saturday qualifying the weather were sunny and 15°C. After the four rounds, it was not surprising that Martin Lissau took TQ:

1. Lissau XRAY NT1
2. Christensen XRAY NT1
3. Ryeskov XRAY NT1
4. NO. Hansen

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The weather stayed the same for Sunday and to win the overall title Claus Ryeskov needed 2 points more than Kyosho driver Martin NO. Hansen, so it was to be a very interesting 45-minute final.

After an intense battle for 2nd place, Claus Ryeskov emerged victorious for that position and with Martin NO. Hansen in 4th it was XRAY NT1 driver Claus who could claim the overall title. Round 7 winner was Martin Lissau who was in a class of his own.

2008 Danish Champinoships overall results:

1. Claus Ryeskov XRAY NT1
2. Martin NO. Hansen
3. Martin Lissau XRAY NT1
4. Jesper Hoyer XRAY NT1
5. Daniel Michaelsen XRAY NT1

6. Henrik Poulsen
7. Jimmy Bigum
8. Martin Christensen XRAY NT1
9. Pierre Michaelsen XRAY NT1

10. Michael Andesen

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