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The last 10GP National Race took place last weekend at the Coimbra track, and was attended by 37 drivers.

There were no major problems in the heats and sub-finals, and XRAY put 7 cars into the final along with two Serpent 720 cars and one Mugen. Once the goal was to claim the National Championship, so the race was very carefully raced by Filipe who allowed young Bruno and teammate José Pequito to battle for the lead.

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Jaime Silva & José Pequito
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The race was win by Team XRAY driver José Pequito ahead of young Bruno and teammate Filipe Costa who with a 3rd place finish won the National Championship.

Race results:
1. Jose Pequito XRAY NT1
2. Bruno Coelho
3. Felipe Costa XRAY NT1
4. Bruno Marques XRAY NT1
5. Joao Completo Costa XRAY NT1
6. Jorge Azinheira XRAY NT1

7. Ricardo Nogueira
8. Paulo Santos
9. Luis Pereira XRAY NT1
10. Jaime Silva XRAY NT1

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With this victory (along with the bad luck of teammate Jaime Silva), José Pequito finished 3rd in the overall point race.

So at the end, XRAY placed two cars on the podium, and seven cars of the Top 10 of the National Championship!

Championship overall results:
1. Filipe Costa XRAY NT1
2. Bruno Coelho
3. José Pequito XRAY NT1
4. Jaime Silva XRAY NT1
5. Joao Batista Inácio XRAY NT1
6. Ricardo Mendes XRAY NT1

7. Ricardo Nogueira
8. LuĂ­s Pereira XRAY NT1
9. L Joao Completo Costa XRAY NT1

10. Paulo Santos

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Filipe Costa Nat. Champion
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