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Race report by Ricardo Monteiro
This great season ending event took place at the Vila Real track, on the 5th of October. The track was very technical, dusty and very difficult to drive. In the qualifiers the track was already starting to get a bit bumpy but I still managed a great 3rd place on the 2 folowing heats and a 2nd place on the last one.

1 Miguel Matias
2 Carlos Duraes
3 Ricardo Monteiro XRAY XB808

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In the 1/2 final A I had a really bad start and I saw myself on the final positions on the beggining of the semi final.

After that I did a very fast and careful driving to regain the places I had lost. I was able to gain places and stayed In the 5th position till the end of the semi. To the main final the starting positions were as folow:

1 Miguel Matias
2 Carlos Duraes
3 Fernando Almeida
4 Gabriel Magalhaes
5 Nuno C. Ribeiro
6 Miguel Lopes
7 Rodrigo Luis
8 Ricardo Monteiro XRAY XB808
9 Filipe Gomes
10 Tiago Parreira

On the main final I was unlucky once again and dropped to the last positions on the beginning, but since the final was still beggining I started to regain positions by making a fast and consistent driving. I got the last place of the podium and continued rolling to maintain and to try to climb one more place, but in the end the result ended the same.

The final result was:
1st Carlos Duraes
2nd Rodrigo Luís
3rd Ricardo Monteiro XRAY XB808
4th Miguel Lopes
5th Nuno C. Ribeiro
6th Tiago Parreira
7th Filipe Gomes
8th Fernando Almeida
9th Gabriel Magalhaes
10th Miguel Matias

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Ricardo Monteiro Set-up sheet.