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Race report by Ricardo Monteiro
The 5th and last round of the Portugal Center Regional Championship was held recently at the track in Guarda.

In all of the qualifying heats I drove consistently and made no mistakes, qualifying in the 1st starting position of the 1/2 main.

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(click to enlarge)

In the 1/2 main I just tried to run fast and clean. I won the ? main to once again place myself in the 1st starting position of the main final.

In the very first laps of the final, I battled with fellow Xray driver Pedro Figueiredo but, after the first pit stop, I ran away from the field to maintain my position and finish 1st in the last round of the championship (I only had to place myself in the semi finals to be the champion)

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(click to enlarge)

So with that the result is as follows:

1st Ricardo Monteiro XRAY XB808
2nd Miguel Pires
3rd Joao Ramos
4th Hélio Lopes
5th Ricardo Martins
6th Lionel Sardinha
7th Nuno Costa
8th Renato Freitas
9th Pedro Figueiredo XRAY XB808
10th Rui Brites

With this result and the other wins (4 because one round was cancelled due to bad weather)the championship ended like this:

1st Ricardo Monteiro 600 points XRAY XB808
2nd Hélio Lopes 556 points
3rd Ricardo Martins 556 points
4th Pedro Figueiredo 514 points XRAY XB808
5th Renato Freitas 512 points
6th Paulo Marques 494 points
7th Vitor Carvalho 449 points XRAY XB808
8th André Marques
438 points XRAY XB808
9th Rui Morgado 428 points
10th Helder Barros 424 points

Until next week for the Nacional Cup.
Best Regards
Ricardo Monteiro

Ricardo Monteiro Winning Set-up sheet.