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At 11/12 October 2008 the last run of the German XRAY Nitromaster 2008 was held in Kulmbach/Bavaria.
With beautiful autumn weather 62 drivers attended the last race of the season.

The Buggy class was dominated by the XRAY 808 drivers Phillip Müller, Rene König, Ralf Bauer und Thomas Süßmuth.

In a thrilling final Phillip Müller took the lead from the beginning in front of a very fast Rene König and finished his successful season with a well deserved win.

Result Buggy:
1. Phillip Müller XRAY XB808
2. Rene König XRAY XB808

3. Marco Schellein
4. Thomas Süßmuth XRAY XB808
5. Frank Andreas
6. Markus Wende
7. Bastian Reimer XRAY XB808
8. Christian Krieger XRAY XB808
9. Christopher Wilhelm XRAY XB8R
10. Sven Wagner XRAY XB808

The Truggy class was again a very close battle between Bernd Langbein, Armin Kobler and Florian Laux all driving XRAY XT8.

For the last race of the season “Onroad Guru” Bertram Kessler from SMI (German XRAY Distributor) showed up to teach the Truggy guys an “old man onroad lesson”.

He was very fast from the beginning and put his XT8 on the third starting place.

In the final, Bertram had a very good start and managed to drive to second place behind Florian Laux.
Armin Kobler, who started from 5th position, was able to catch up to Bertram at the 15 minute mark and overtake him after the final fuel stop.

Florian took the lead from the beginning and never looked back. Taking the win in the end.

Result Truggy:

1. Florian Laux XRAY XT8
2. Armin Kobler XRAY XT8
3. Bertram Kessler XRAY XT8
4. Thomas Grosser XRAY XT8

5. Rainer Resch
6. Bernd Langbein XRAY XT8
7. Benjamin Doleschal
8. Marggraf Michael XRAY XT8

It was a great race, with very good weather, finishing a great season of the XRAY Nitromasters.