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It was an excellent result for XRAY team Korea, dominating HongNor Championship. HongNor Championship took place on 26th October near Seoul. There were nearly 100 participants including most of Korea's top racers. Since it was almost the last race of the year, the racers were all very passionate about putting in a good showing.

Team XRAY drivers at the HongNor Championship were Shin Choong Yeul, Hong Jung Ho, Kim Tae Wan, Nam Dong Woo, and NamHo. Four XRAY team drivers participated Buggy Class with XRAY XB808 and one XRAY team driver, Kim Nam Ho, participated Truggy Class with XRAY XT8.

All of team drivers made the A-main for each class putting on an impressive display throughout the whole race with overwhelming XRAY performance.

For Buggy Class, it was the battle between XRAY team drivers with XB808. The battle between XB808s made the race very fantastic and every one was astonished by the great performance of XB808.

Buggy Class Final Results:

1. Shin Choong Yeul XRAY XB808
2. Nam Dong Woo XRAY XB808
3. Kim Tae Wan XRAY XB808

Truggy Class Final Results:

4. Kim Nam Ho XRAY XT8