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Race report by Brennan Ralls
October 26th was the final round of the Proline Bowtie Series held at Dartford Race Track in Kent. Over 63 different buggy drivers took part over the 8 Round summer series and with count back rounds now coming into the play it had come down to a three horse race for the championship between Reece Ashby, Ricky Burnett (XRAY) and Jason Dixon (XRAY). There was hardly anything in it with all three drivers having similar results throughout the series two podium finishes each and regular top 5 finishes.

The track was damp and sticky and some drivers where getting caught out with there cars getting bogged down with the weight of the mud after the ten minute qualifiers. Elliot Boots TQ'd the meeting followed by Reece Ashby and Jason Dixon. Ricky Burnett had engine troubles throughout the day and only clocked one decent run so had it all to do from the back of the grid.

The heavens opened up just before the finals and the organiser decided to run ten minute finals. All the drivers agreed and went back to the pits frantically waterproofing there cars as best as they could.

With cars to line and as the horn sounded Reece Ashby got off to a flyer, the usual first corner pile up happened and Ricky Burnett managed to evade the m?lée and tucked in behind Steven Brunsden (XRAY XB808). Disaster then stroke for Ashby as he had an engine cut. Putting Brunsden in 1st and Ricky Burnett 2nd. These two battled it out for 9 laps swapping places a few times. As they pitted Ricky came out first and then Jason Dixon who had already been fuelled joined the leading pack. He then battled with Ricky for the last three laps passing on the second to last lap he then hit a rut and Ricky moved back into first. The two where bumper to bumper with there RB powered 808's and Burnett crossed the line a second before Jason to take the win and the Overall championship. Brunsden came in on the same lap 9 seconds after to make it a XRAY 123.

1 Ricky Burnett XRAY XB808
2 Jason Dixon XRAY XB808
3 Steve Brunsden XRAY XB808

4 Brian McGinty
5 Jim Birch XRAY XB808
6 Stephen Spencer
7 Reece Ashby
8 Sam Jarrel XRAY XB8
8 Michael Gilles XRAY XB8

Overall Championship Results

1st Ricky Burnett XRAY XB808 (Team Mirage)
2nd Jason Dixon XRAY XB808
(Team Mirage)
3rd Reece Ashby

Congratulations to the Team
Thanks to XRAY, Mirage & Piraterc.