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Race Report by Jonathan Lane
The RC-Mushroom Cockburn Nitro Cup was held at the Radio Rally Club held on the 26th October 2008. The race brought 44 Buggies and 27 Truggies down to the Cockburn Fair. There were some excellent drivers there and everyone drove really well and enjoyed themselves and had a great day out racing. There were 7 XRAY XB808’s and 3 XRAY truggies, a good turn out over all.

The race format for this event was Christmas tree finals. The Buggy class had a 1/4 and Semi, so a few people missed out. For the Truggy they only had semis which meant a few people missed out as well. For qualifying we had 6 minute heats and three of them for truggy and buggy.

After qualifying we had 4 XRAY XB808’s in the top 10 and 2 Truggies in the top 10. I must say it was a great achievement for us.

Qualifying order for the Buggy Mains

1. Josh Pain
2. Jonathan Lane XRAY XB808
3. Josh Taylor
4. David Simms
5. Logan Bruecher
6. Ken Isbister XRAY XB808
7. John Barr XRAY XB808

8. Brent Thomas
9. Michael McDonnel XRAY XB808
10. Sean Bavington

John Barr suffered some engine problems in the 40 minute main causing him to retire only 15 minutes into the final, which was very unlucky! Ken Isbister didn’t have a very good start and caused him to drop down but he picked it up and finished well! Jonathan Lane had a good start and was able to get a good lead on 3rd until he was slowed by a minor mechanical issue,but still managed to go on to finish on the podium.

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(click to enlarge)

Final Results (40 min)

1. Josh Pain
2. Josh Taylor
3. Jonathan Lane XRAY XB808

As for the truggies the grid at the end of the final looked like

1. Josh Pain
2. Greg Godfrey
3. Steve Tompsett
4. Kent Griffiths XRAY XT8
5. Doug Thomson XRAY XT8

This was an awesome event and would like to say thanks to Radio Rally Club and Rick, Steve, Mark and Rob for running the event!

Jonathan Lane Set-up sheet.