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Race report by Brennan Ralls
Sunday the 16th of November saw the first round of the UK's AKA Winter series. With a full entry racing would be very competitive and challenging as weather conditions had also not allowed for the usual track prep to be done, so the surface would be very bumpy from the start.

Many of the team was there first visit to DRT so used the first round to learn the lines, Bren had a servo failure so was unable to start, a few mistakes from kevin on the unforgiving track put him in the top 10.

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Rnd 2 kevin put in a better run securing a place in the main with Bren getting his day under way having now to learn the track with a 9th in round. Mark Tarrier, Ricky Burnett, Jason Dixon & Mark Dell all having good runs and putting themselves into contention.

Rnd 3 and the rain would now make the track very slippery. With some opting not to run because of conditions gifted many with extra points and a clear track. Bren took advantage of this to secure a place in the main, with also Tarrier, Burnett and Dixon also doing this.

All the finals would be shortened in length due to the condition and light fading fast. The A Main would be 15 minutes but this would be enough as the track was now getting sticky and very bumpy. From the start Bren would get a flyer launching the XRAY XB808 into 4th & by lap 3 took the lead from Boots Craddock and Taylor all chasing hard.
Bren pulled a small buffer by being smooth but an unlucky bump would catch him out on the fuel in lap allowing Boots through. After refuelling the weight of the car now took its toll on the engine which would now not pull as well so jumping was hard and unpredictable. Bren would come in 2nd at the finish just behind Boots, so a pleasing start to the series.

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1 Elliot Boots
2 Brennan Ralls XRAY XB808
3 Mike Cradock
4 Sam Taylor
5 Mark Gregory
6 Reece Ashby
7 Pete Stevens
8 Ricky Burnett XRAY XB808
9 Glen Blunden
10 Mark Tatman

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