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The traditional "Copa of The Republic of Brazil" recently took place in the City of Brazil.

Races were held on the 300 metre long track that was recently built for this national event. Felipe Chaud, driving his new XRAY XB808, was unbeatable in all qualification races as well as the finals and earned the great victory. Rain made the races in Truggy class difficult, however, Leonardo Kammoun took it in stride with his XRAY XT8 and deservedly got the top podium finish.

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Buggy Final Results
1. Felipe Chaud XRAY XB808

2. Rafael Felicio
3. Adriano Pagy XRAY XB808
4. Ze Roberto
5. Wesley Fagundes
6. Warnner Julles
7. Charles Silva
8. Leonardo Kammoun XRAY XB808

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Truggy Finals
1. Leonardo Kammoun XRAY XT8

2. Heini Suxberger
3. Ricardo Reis
4. Fred Ribas
5. Rafael Felicio
6. Jorginho Carvalho XRAY XT8
7. Adriano Pagy XRAY XT8

Congratulation and thank goes to all participants.