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On the 1st and 8th october 2008 a race was organised by M.M.O.R.R.C. at the Kordin Track Malta.

On the 1st October the truggy class was held followed a week later by the buggy class. Both classes were dominated by XRAY.

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The truggy class was won by a very promising youngster Duncan Compagnio who has been racing for only few months. He drove an XRAY XT8 powered by an Axe Rossi Mamba X1 engine and Panther tires. Jonathon Tonna made it to the second place driving an XRAY XT8 powered by Axe Rossi Cobra X1 and Panther tires and Ultimate Racing products. It was a very nice and interesting duel between these two, which finaly saw Duncun Victorous. Braydon Azzopardi took the final position on the podium for the truggy race.

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In the buggy class, the race was once again dominated by XRAY vehicles. Jonathon Tonna took the win, driving an XRAY XB808 powered by an Axe Rossi engine, Panther tires and Ultimate racing products, Braydon Azzopardi finished in second, also driving an XRAY XB808 powered by Axe Rossi Engine and Lawrence Agius finished third.

Buggy Class
1 Jonathan Tonna XRAY XB808
2 Braydon Azzopardi XRAY XB808

3 Lawrence Agius
4 Noel Barun XRAY XB808
5 Duncan Compagno XRAY XB808

6 Chris Agius
7 Tony Seisun XRAY XB808

Truggy Class
1 Duncan Compagno XRAY XT8
2 Jonathan Tonna XRAY XT8

3 Braydon Azzopardi
4 Tony Seisun XRAY XT8
5 Noel Barun XRAY XT8
6 Noel Galea XRAY XT8

7 Twanny Borg
8 Clint Galea XRAY XT8
9 Dylan Azzopardi