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Race Report by Brennan Ralls
Sunday Dec 4th was round 4 of the LRP Winter Series at Clanfield, which is in the south of the UK. The track has now evolved into a motto cross style track with huge jumps which just adds to driving fun making it by far the best track in the UK.

With no rain in weeks the track was rock solid and slick with the minus 5 deg temperature this only added to keeping the track in shape. With a good turn out of national drivers from all the teams qualifying would be fast and competitive and an A main place was not guaranteed. The event is a controlled tyre series which both Bren and Kevin are competing so they both ran the controlled Kamikazee tyres, unlike many of the others opting for any tyre so putting us what seemed at a disadvantage.

As a test, Kevin opted for our base setting being a known std but where Bren went completely opposite to try and improve the teams knowledge.

R1: for Kevin this worked and stamped his authority by taking TQ, Bren a little off the pace through setup went 8th but felt the route had potential.

R2: Kevin's car remained the same but Bren made some adjustments and with the pace increasing put in a fast run to go 4th with Kevin just behind in 5th.

R3: On Brens a small tweak to settings and Kevin now copying the setup both getting good runs with Kevin 3rd and Bren 4th

R4: Kevin opted for a tyre change to a harder compound but could not improve on his time. Bren used the Active diff as the conditions where ideal in the track being smooth and slick, the added pull through the turns payed off with a faster time and going 2nd in round just missing TQ by 2 seconds.

At the end of Qualifying Kevin was 3rd and Bren 4th with a happy balance now of the cars no changes where needed other than some new tyres and both where set for the main.

Finals: The start for Kevin was good with Bren tucked in behind, Kevin soon showed his colours and took the lead with Bren being knocked down the field with some unsporting style driving from the other racers. Bren would battle back to finish 6th but 3rd overall due to tyre ruling. Kevin would have a great battle with Elliot Boots right down to the wire, with an unlucky moment for Kevin putting him second as they crossed the line.

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1. Elliot Boots
2. Kevin Brunsden XRAY XB808
3. Brennan Ralls XRAY XB808

Brennan Ralls Set-up sheet.