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Race Report by Danni Eyde-Nielsen
It was time for the 3rd round of the Danish Championship. The event was held in Tollose by M.M.R.C. the 25/1 -09
The race were driven with Fastest Time Qualifying, with 3 rounds qualifying and 3 finals.
Unfortunately there wasn’t so many drivers present; 16 in Super-stock and 10 in Modified.
But there was still tough competition in both classes.

Qualification Round 1: From start it was Jonas Kaerup who sat the pace, with Martin Christensen right behind him; Soeren had an okay run driving very carefully, and came in as number 3. I was also driving very careful, just to make sure I was in the top 5. I came in as 4 and was okay satisfied with that. My car was very good, and I wouldn’t change anything.

Qualification Round 2: This time it was Martin Christensen who was fastest with Jonas Kaerup right after. Soeren had made some few changes and his car looked better this time, and he drove 10, 66. I didn’t change anything on my car, but I tried to change the way I drove the car, and drive more aggressive, because I had secured a place on the top of the grid. I was driving really fast, but 3 minutes into the race, I got hit by another car. He didn’t pull to the side so I could pass him, so he hit me, and it ruined my second qualifier.

Qualification Round 3: Jonas was fastest from start and drove 10, 4 as the first in this race, but in the middle of the heat he made a big mistake, costing him a lot of time. So Martin came in front and could take TQ setting the fastest time. Soeren made some mistakes and could not use this round, but he was still 3rd so it was okay. I had made some changes to my car, which really made it perfect. I was really fast and drove 10, 4, which would make me 3rd on the grid, but I was very unlucky because I was placed in a heat with many accidents and flying cars.

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The qualifying order for the finals was:

1. Martin “Fish” Christensen
2. Jonas Kaerup
4. Soeren Boy Holst - XRAY T2´009
4. Danni Eyde-Nielsen - XRAY T2´009

5. Michael Priest
6. Kim Lindegaard – XRAY T2´009
7. Lars Stub-Holm – XRAY T2´008
8. Mike Gosvig – XRAY T2´008

First Final: The start was very good, no crashes. Martin and Jonas quickly made some air down to the rest of us. My teammate Soeren was fighting with understeer the first laps, so I had to brake a lot, so I didn’t hit him, that resulted in Michael Priest came very close to me and he started to put pressure on me, but not so long into the race, Soeren made a big mistake on the main straight.
I could pass him and make some breathing space to Michael. I was now 3rd and started to push as hard as I could to catch Martin and Jonas. Soeren had fought his way up through the other guys, but a car right in front of him made a big crash Soeren got hit by him, very unlucky…!

Second Final: This time the start was also really good, Soeren made a little mistake at the second corner, I braked so hard so Michael hit me in the rear end, but I was very quickly up to Soeren and we were slowly coming up to Martin and Jonas.
Suddenly Jonas Made a big mistake and I could pass him, while Soeren was so unlucky and got hit again when it wasn’t his fault. But this was very good for me. I was now 2nd behind Martin and could safely drive it home. Soeren was fighting very hard so he had a chance to get a podium finish, but his car was tweaked and very hard to drive.

Third Final: I had to be very unlucky if I didn’t finish on the podium, while Soeren should be really lucky to finish on the podium.
The start was good again my car was a bit nervous this time. I think it was because the tires were worn. 2 minutes into the race I made a big crash, and broke the car, so I couldn’t continue.
Soeren had a little luck in this round, because Jonas made a big mistake. And Soeren could pass, so he was now 2nd he stayed in that position almost the entire heat, but on one of the last rounds he made a little mistake, which was enough for Jonas to pass.

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The Final results were:

1. Martin Fish
2. Jonas Kaerup
3. Danni Eyde-Nielsen XRAY T2´009
4. Michael Priest
5. Soeren Boy Holst – XRAY T2´009
6. Lars Stub-Holm – XRAY T2´008
7. Mike Gosvig – XRAY T2´008
8. Kim Lindegaard – XRAY T2´009

In Superstock it was Carsten Madsen who was a Level over all the other guys, and we saw a Total XRAY Domination.

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1. Carsten Madsen – XRAY T2´009
2. Michael Johnsen – XRAY T2´009
3. Soeren Mark Larsen – XRAY T2´008
4. Claus Ryeskov – XRAY T2´009

5. Caspar Morgen
6. Steven M Olsen
7. Lars Sjoeholm
8. Johnny Lyng

I am very pleased with the result of this race, and for first time in my racing carrier, I was faster than my teacher and teammate Soeren Boy Holst. Thanks to XRAY for making a super good car.