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Race Report by Hobby Link
The Singapore off road series kicked off with a healthy number of participants and a change in the track layout. Total of 59 drivers from representing the major manufacturers were present to battle out for this year’s National title.

The usual suspects namely Luigi Venturi, Chester Chua and Glenn Phuah represented Team XRAY. There were also 2 newcomers to the 1/8 GP scene, and driving XRAY XB808s were Kevin Tiong and Alan Tan.

As the new track layout was only ready on the race day itself, no one was able to do any practice. As the first round of heats were run, average lap times were around the 33-35 second range.

After the completion of round 2, lap times dropped to around 32 seconds with Luigi and Glenn doing the fastest laps that were within 31 seconds. Season rookie Kevin Tiong managed some very consistent driving and put his OS powered XB808 into 3rd qualifying position. The overall qualifying results are, Kevin Tiong in 3rd followed by Ben Seet in 2nd and Glenn Phuah clinching TQ with the only 13- lap qualifier. Kevin was also accompanied by his young son who finished 3rd in the D main. Both Luigi and Chester made it into the main final in 9th and 4th respectively.

It was fortunate that all the qualifying was completed before the afternoon torrential rain shower that prevented the finals from being run as the track became flooded. A consensus was taken and decision to use the qualifying results to determine the final results were agreed upon.

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A main final results:

1. TQ Glenn Phuah XRAY XB808

2. Ben Seet
3. Kevin Tiong XRAY XB808

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Glenn Phuah's Set-up sheet.