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Sunday October 6th the last of six races to contest this year's Dutch Touring Car Championship was held at the fast Baanbrekers' track in Rucphen.

Despite a difficult season with lot's of rainy days and several controversial moments, XRay's Jilles Groskamp left it in no doubt which car-driver combination deserved the title. After a very close battle for pole position with Speedmind's Niels Koenekoop, Jilles managed to take TQ by 1/2 a second. During the two finals Jilles' XRay T1 EVO2 seemed to be handling even better than during qualifying allowing him to win both, putting the title well beyond the reach of Niels.

The top 5 in Rucphen:
1. Jilles Groskamp (NL) - XRay T1 EVO2
2. Niels Koenekoop (NL) - Speedmind
3. Marc Fischer (Germany) - Corally
4. Tony Vredenberg (NL) - XRay T1 EVO2
5. Peter Meurs (NL) - XRay T1 EVO2

Final positions:
1. Jilles Groskamp (Dutch TC Champion 2002) - XRAY T1 EVO2 - 18 pnts
2. Niels Koenekoop - Daytona - 24 pnts
3. Marc Fischer - Corally - 32 pnts
4. Peter Meurs - XRAY T1 EVO2 - 33 pnts
5. Tony Vredenberg - XRAY T1 EVO2 - 38 pnts

Interesting to note is that only two drivers made it to the top 10 in all six races: Jilles and Tony. Counting all results (championship is decided discounting the worst 3 finals out of 12) Jilles and Tony would have been 1st and second for XRay, how's that for consistency...?

Jilles used an XRay T1 EVO2, Peak Sanyo 3000HV batteries, Peak Carrera motors, an LRP charger and a Nosram Dominator speedcontroller to add another title to his already impressive list.