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Race Report by Glenn Phuah
The second instalment of the Thunder Tiger Off-road series saw 50 drivers registered for the event. The organisers decided to remove the Truggy class from round 2 leaving only the 1/8 buggy class.

They also had a good lucky draw prize of a Thunder Tiger RC kit. Most of the familiar faces were present, plus a few more who didn’t make it for round 1.

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Qualifying started promptly at 9am and continued for 4 rounds. The track conditions worsened throughout the day as it became dusty and very bumpy. The fastest times were set in the first round by M Goh (who set TQ for the day), with Glenn in 2nd place. They set the only 20-;ap qualifying runs for the day. Kevin Tiong (XRAY) made it to 3rd qualifier in his second 1/8 buggy and finished in 5th.

Alan Tan qualified 11th, narrowly missing the A main by mere milliseconds. His best qualifying results placed his car first on the grid in the B-main. Thad Scott qualified into the C-main after fighting with transponder problems early in the day.

The A main was the first final to be run and it was to last 45 minutes. During the start M Goh took the lead with Chester (XRAY) in a close 2nd place. A mistake during the start dropped Glenn to last place during the opening minutes of the race. Glenn managed to make his way to the front of the pack and took a commanding lead. Chester had an engine flameout and dropped back to 3rd place.

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Final results:

1. Glenn Phuah XRAY XB808

2. M. Goh
3. Chester Chua XRAY XB808
4. Bernard Lee
5. Kevin Tiong XRAY XB808

Glenn Phuah's Set-up sheet.