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Race Report by Dotan Halevy
Round 4 of the Israel Super League took place at the ‶Speed at the Negev※ racetrack. The track is smooth and very fast, hard packed, and offers lots of grip. The track is so flowing that you must be very consistent in order to be fast.

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The day started on schedule and the track was getting into shape very fast, turning into a nice blue-grooved, smooth surface.

I got the TQ spot in Buggy class, 2nd place was Adir Zvuluni (also driving an XB808). Dan Price and his brother Paul took 4th and 6th place respectively, and closing out the top 10 was Gil Werthaimer with an XB8TQ!

In Truggy class, Meir Azulay took the TQ spot, and Erez Even-Hen took 7th place.

Double TQ spots for Team XRAY for the second race in a row!

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There were many finals in Buggy class, and Team XRAY did well in almost all of them.

Asher anchelovitz won the odd 1/8 final, bumped up and bumped up again after finishing 3rd in the 1/4 final. Asi Bitton won the even 1/8 final and also bumped up two times.

In the odd ? final I finished 1st and Meir Azulay got 2nd. In the even ? final Dan Price finished 1st, Adir zvuluny 2nd and Gil Werthaimer 3rd. All of us were driving XRAY cars.

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In the A-final I managed to pull out a nice gap at the start, followed by Adir and Meir, with Dan not too far behind. In mid race Meir retired due to a mechanical failure, while Adir closed the gap between us and sat on my tail for few laps. However, he made a few mistakes and the gap grew again. With 2 minutes remaining my fuel line jammed and I lost the lead. Adir finished 1st for his first time, Dan 3rd and I was in 5th.

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Buggy Results:

1. Adir Dvuluni XB808

2. Yaniv Levy
3. Dan Price XB808
4. Gil Werthaimer XB8TQ
5. Dotan Halevy XB808

6. Etgar Baksis
7. Guy Rinkevich
8. Dvir Hirak
9. Idan Kizel
10. Meir Azulay XB808

In Truggy class, Meir Azulay finshed 1st in the ? final and Erez Even-Hen finished 4th, so both bumped up to the A-final.

In the A-final, Meir pulled away hard from the start and led the race from start to finish, giving him 1st place and his second race win in a row. Erez was very consistent and calm, and ended up in 3rd place.

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Truggy Results:

1. Meir Azulay XRAY XT8

2. Itzik Vanunu
3. Erez Even-Hen XRAY XT8
4. Ofer Rozen
5. Tomer Grinberg

Overall, it was a good race for Team XRAY with TQ in both classes and winning both classes!

Dotan Halevy's Set-up sheet.

Picture gallery from Ido Halevy
Picture gallery from Itzik Vanunu
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