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Race Report by Jaime Silva
The South Regional Championship of 1/8 TT was held on March 15 at the track in Beja. It was an excellent day with lots of Portuguese sun. Forty-one drivers attended to contest for the podium.

Top 10 qualifiers:
1. Luis Vieira
2 Carlos Borralho XRAY XB808
3 Daniel Martins
4 Rui Peixoto
5 Nuno Mendes
6 Jaime Silva XRAY XB8
7 Antonio Launches
8 Andres Araujo
9 Jorge Ataide
10 Peter Tendinha

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It was necessary to keep myself in high gear as there were a lot of drivers in the 1/2 final battling to join the A-main finals. I finished 3rd and bumped up into the main final.

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Results of 1/2 B final:

1. Luis Vieira
2. Carlos Sancho
3. Jaime Silva XRAY XB8
4. Andres Lima
5. Miguel Reis XRAY XB808
6. Yarub Zalzala
7. Peter Tendinha
8. Fabio Silva
9. Peter Pereira
10. Daniel Martins

The first turn became critical for all drivers and almost all cars were involved in the accident here. It took me some time to make my back up and take the lead after spending some time battling amongst the top runners.

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Final results gave XRAY the first 2 places:

1. Jaime Silva XRAY XB8
2. Carlos Borralho XRAY XB808

2 Carlos Sancho
3 Rui Peixoto
4 Miguel Reis XRAY XB808
5 Luis Vieira