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Race Report by Jason Branham
This past weekend was Rd. 2 of the Texas State RC Pro Series held at Indy RC World in Dallas, TX. Indy RC World is an indoor facility with a unique surface in that it is very hard packed; it generates a lot of traction, very fast paced and can be hard on equipment. With 190 plus in entries it was going to make for a long day of racing but with the regions best drivers and very nice weather is was going to be fun for sure.

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Qualifying was fast paced as usual and in Pro Arena truck top qualifier would come down to the last qualifier between Quincy Hughes and XRAY’s Rocco Margiotta both with a TQ in rounds 1 and 2. Even though Rocco ran another solid qualifier he could not hold off Quincy as he would take overall TQ leaving Rocco sitting 2nd for the main.

As for me my truck was running great all day but had some tough luck with traffic in rounds 1 and 2 and then a motor failure in the 3rd round but would manage to qualify 6th overall for the main. Pro Buggy qualifying was however a little better for me in that I TQ’ed all three rounds and managed to set a faster pace in each of the three qualifiers. So with my XT8 09’Spec and XB808 working well and Rocco running well in Arena truck I had felt comfortable that we would do well in the mains.

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In the Pro Arena truck main Quincy got hung on a pipe early causing a huge pile up that Mike Battaile, Rocco and I was able to get through cleanly allowing us to put some space between us and the field. After a mistake by Mike I was able to take the lead and pretty much never look back. My XT8 09’Spec handled great the entire main allowing me to put down fast consistent laps and take the win for Rd. 2.

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Arena Truck Final Results:

1. Jason Branham – XRAY XT8'09

2. Mike Battaile
3. Quincy Hughes
4. Chris Rios
5. Kyle Mallory
6. Chris Allison
7. Steven Fleuriet
8. Kraig Krueger
9. Rocco Margiotta – XRAY XT8'09
10. Keevin Sharp
11. Tanner Hagler
12. Courtney Tate – XRAY XT8

In the Pro Buggy main I got off to a shaky start allowing a 5 way battle for the lead between myself, Quincy Hughes, Mike Battaile, Tommy Tang and team XRAY driver Dave Mangelsdorf. For about the first 15 minutes of the 35 minute main the lead seemed to swap every time one of us either crashed or pitted. Battaile and Mangelsdorf both broke causing them to not finish the race leaving the battle between Quincy and myself. With Quincy making some mistakes behind me it allowed me to open up a lead and cruise to victory winning Rd. 2.

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Buggy Final Results:

1. Jason Branham – XRAY XB808

2. Quincy Hughes
3. Kraig Krueger
4. Gary Haggard
5. Hunter Kinsey – XRAY XB808
6. Rocco Margiotta – XRAY XB808

7. Pablo Tejada
8. Cedric Whitaker
9. Tommy Tang
10. Dave Mangelsdorf – XRAY XB808
11. Mike Battaile
12. Courtney Tate – XRAY XB808

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Jason Branham's XB808 Set-up sheet.