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Race Report by Gianni Giorgio
I was unable to take part in the Saturday practice session, so I made sure to arrive early on Sunday for testing prior to the qualifiers.

The car felt good right away, but I was struggling to make the 5 minute run time. The run time issue cost me my first 2 qualifiers as my engine flamed out near the end of the runs. In the final qualifier, however, I was able to take the TQ position with a run of 17 laps at 5:00.20, just slightly ahead of the highly competitive field.

My car was very good in the final, setting a new track record for fastest lap at 16.911 seconds, prior record was 17.00sec, on my way to securing the win in the final.

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Final results:

1. Gianni Giorgio XRAY NT1 (TQ)
2. Luis Villegas XRAY NT1

3. Rafael Rodriguez
4. Victor Padron
5. Robert Irwin
6. Eladio De La Cruz XRAY NT1
7. Gary Viloria XRAY NT1

8. Renato jr T
9. Renato Tradardi
10. Daniel Onorato