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Race Report by Adrian Stefan
A 3 day nitro challenge held in Perth, Western Australia over the 2009 Easter Holiday break has produced multiple wins for XRAY drivers. The portable track owned by RRC was set up Friday morning on the green grounds of the Rockingham Easter Carnival Show. The track was kept short but challenging with a total of 3 jumps one being a double.

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Buggy qualifiers where held late on Friday with David Simms taking TQ position. Saturday, after 6 heats of truggy qualifiers, Adrian Stefan driving a new XT8 took TQ with a best 4 heats total of 64 laps vs. 60 laps for second place qualifier Paul Standley.

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Four XB808 buggy drivers started the A Main on Sunday. Three of them finished in the top 5 positions with Grant Templeman taking the first place with 57 laps vs. 55 for Neil Vroomans, second place winner. A dumped battery saw Adrian Stefan dropping out from the second position with 13 minutes still to go on the race. Buggy TQ David Simms dropped out earlier in the day when his D8 driveshaft pin broke apart during semis.

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Buggy Results:

1. Grant Templeman - XRAY XB808

2. Neil Vroomans
3. John Barr
4. Jason Brisset - XRAY XB808
5. Daniel Cornwell - XRAY XB808

6. Mick Coates
7. Rob Ralston
8. Sean Bavington
9. Adrian Stefan - XRAY XB808
10. Rick Penlington

Four XT8 truggy drivers started the A main. After a tight 30 minutes race three XT8 drivers finished on the first 3 places. Adrian Stefan took first place with 60 laps vs. 59 laps for Kent Griffiths second place. Particularly pleasing considering Adrian’s truck was carrying two NiMH batteries. During semis a dumped battery saw Adrian’s truck starting the final from the 8th position so before the finals he took no chances and soldered a second battery in parallel. With every jump, we thought his XT8 will break apart but it finished well ahead in a testimony of the design and manufacturing quality of all XRAY products.

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Truggy Results:

1. Adrian Stefan - XRAY XT8
2. Kent Griffiths - XRAY XT8
3. Doug Thomson - XRAY XT8

4. Paul Standley
5. Daniel Burkin
6. Mick Coates
7. Murray Beattie
8. Gennaro Caputi
9. Wayne Cowie
10. Ian Silfo - XRAY XT8

Adrian Stefan's Set-up sheet.