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Race Report by Dotan Halevy
The fifth race of the Israel Super League took place at "Top Drive" race track. The track is very tight and bumpy, and there is a lot of action between cars.

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The qualifying was good for team, but we could have done better. I qualified second after making wrong tire choice, but second is still a very good result so I don’t complain. Dan Price had engine trouble in one of the heats and the other heat was ok and he qualified sixth.
A very good result achieved by Ronen Alkalay who qualified fifth.
Closing the top ten were Paul Price, Meir Azulay, seventh and eighth position, and Asi Bitton Tenth.

In the Truggy class, Meir Azulay qualified fifth, and Erez Even-Hen qualified eleventh.

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In buggy class, Paul Price had very good result on the odd semi final, as he finished second, and Ronen Alakalay finished fourth.
I the even semi final, I finished first, Dan Price second, and Asi Bitton missed the bump up by only five seconds.
In the A final, I started first and held it until the first pit stop, while Yaniv Levy who was second was on better pit strategy and took the lead. Later I passed him again and took the lead back, stretching the gap and finishing a lap ahead in first place.
Dan and Paul Price had technical issues, Dan finished fourth. Paul didn’t finish and ended up in eighth place. Ronen Alkalay performed very well all day and finished fifth.

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In truggy class, Meir Azulay didn’t finish the semi final because of a maintenance mistake. Erez Even-Hen finished third the semi final.
In the A-final, Erez started fifth and pulled hard from the start, working his way through the crowd and eventually finishing in second.

Overall, both classes on podium, first in buggy and second in truggy.

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Buggy results:
1. Dotan Halevy XRAY 808

2. Yaniv levy
3. Avi Yadgar
4. Dan Price XRAY 808
5. Ronen Alkalay XRAY 808

6. Reem Gross
7. Etgar baksis
8. Paul Price XRAY 808
9. Aviv Maimon
10. Guy Rinkevich

Truggy results:
1. Ofer Rozen
2. Erez Even-Hen Xray XT8
3. Yonatan Siboni
4. David Shema
5. Orian Cohen
6. Omer Asayag
7. Chen Hazan
8. Itzik Vanunu
9. Asher Anchilovitch
10. Tomer Grinberg

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