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Race Report by Ali Bullai
Recently, the Kuwait National Championship were held. The weather was dusty during the whole week leading up to the race which made it difficult to practice. We were able to get a practice session 2 days earlier, and the NT1 performed as excellent as always.

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When we started on Friday we were still experiencing dusty weather, but it didn't seem to have a huge effect on the performance of the car. I compensated by using a softer shore of tire. During the qualifiers, I made sure to tune my car to get to the 5 minute fuel mark, and in doing so scored the best time and secured the TQ position going into the finals. The semi A went smooth and I finished in 1st position giving me the 1st grid start for the Final.

The final had a clean start and I was able to pull ahead of the field establishing a 1/2 lap gap for 2/3 of the race time until I got hit forcing me to pit to fix my body. I left the pit in 3rd position after the repair with 10 minutes left in the race. I managed to regain the lead in the last lap and finished in 1st position. The car felt great right from the beginning to the end of the race.

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Final Results:
1. Ali Bullail XRAY NT1 (TQ)
2. Hasan Alkhudhari
3. Othman Alnfesa
4. Nader Shareef
5. Nawaf Al-Abdulrazak
6. Ali Makhseed
7. Luay Bahman
8. Aws Al-Nusif

Thanks a lot to all TeamXRAY.

Ali Bullail's Set-up sheet.

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