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Race Report by Jesse Wu
It was the Round 3 of the Just Hobby Nitro Challenge. Nearly 40 drivers of all brands attended the race after a 2-month break. The race was delayed 2 hours after a heavy downpour in the early morning.

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Traction was superb after the track dried up, with very fast lap times being turned. Team XRAY drivers Tom Goh and Jesse Wu took the top 2 spots after round 1 of qualifying. At the end of three rounds qualifying, it was Nelson Lee who snatched pole position away from Tom Goh. Andy Chan also made his A Main debut with his newly-fixed NT1 to qualify 10th, making it six XRAYs in the final.

Top 10 after 3 rounds of qualifying:

1. Nelson Lee
2. Tom Goh XRAY NT1
3. Philip lee
4. Jesse Wu XRAY NT1
5. Barry Ng XRAY NT1
6. Don Ng XRAY NT1

7. Hafiz
8. Don Chng XRAY NT1
9. Othman
10. Andy Chan XRAY NT1


At the start of the final, Team XRAY driver Jesse Wu was hit in the first corner and continued in last place. Nelson and Tom Goh were fighting for the lead, and after the first refuelling Nelson suffered a traction roll and flamed out which caused him to drop to the back of the pack. At the point, Team XRAY driver Jesse Wu was in 2nd place, battling fiercely with Phillip Lee. A mistake in the infield caused Jesse to flip and hit the barrier, making his shock drop… he lost his 2nd place position.

Tom Goh had a comfortable lead until his engine turned rich and a few pit stop tuning sessions dropped him back to 2nd place. Phillip took over the lead until the last refuelling when he flamed out; Nelson drove flawlessly to retake the lead.

Finally it was XRAY driver Barry Ng who drove smoothly and took home 2nd place for XRAY, while Tom Goh came in 3rd place.

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Final results:

1.Nelson Lee
2.Barry Ng XRAY NT1
3.Tom Goh XRAY NT1

4.Philip Lee
5.Don Ng XRAY NT1
6.Andy Chan XRAY NT1
7.Don Chng XRAY NT1

8. Othman
9. Hafiz
10.Jesse Wu XRAY NT1