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Race Report by Benoit Thomaes
After the first round held on a technical indoor track, Rendez-Vous was held at the MRCZ outdoor track. Again, the track was very technical and demanding for drivers.

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The weather was not on our side at the beginning of the day as Q1 had to be run on a wet/drying track. I decided not to run this one to save my tyres and I was looking for better conditions for Q2 and Q3. As expected, the next qualifiers were run on a totally dry track with the sun shining. I used the perfect performance of my T2‘009 to take TQ honours with a 4-second margin on the runner up.

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As the car was really fast through the sharp turns, and I was confident for the finals. There were five XRAY T2‘009 cars in the EFRA A final with three of them on P1, P3 and P4. I had two mistake-free finals to grab the victory on this track.

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Efra Class final results

1. Thomaes Benoit XRAY T2'009
2. Bultynck Olivier
3. Joossens Nick
4. Stockman Thomas XRAY T2'009
5. Van Swijgenhoven Gerrit
6. Weyers Nick XRAY T2'009
7. Jespers Patrick
7. Martens Giovanni XRAY T2'009
8. Claeys Rico
9. Henriet Manuel

Nick Logie and Stephane Roufosse took 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the A final of the 10.5 class.

Superstock (10.5) final results:

1. Vekemans Geoffrey
2. Logie Nick XRAY T2'009
3. Rouffosse Stephane XRAY T2'009

4. Sleewaegen Pierre
5. Tebaldi Marc XRAY T2'009
6. Willems Glenn
7. Friedmann Michel XRAY T2'009
8. Werniers Gregory
9. Broeckx Werner
10. Prouvosq Jonathan

Thomaes Benoit's Set-up sheet.