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Finnish XRAY Team shows strong performance
The Finnish carpet season was opened last weekend in Mäntsälä. The expectations were that it would be an interesting race since it was the first race for half a year in carpet. It was also Finnish premier for some new prototypes. There were total 35 participants in the modified class including Juho Levänen (reigning European Champion), Timo Rinne (current Finnish Champion), Simo Ahoniemi, Sakke Ahoniemi, Teppo Kauppinen and many others.

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Final results:
1. Juho Levänen Associated
2. Timo Rinne XRAY T1 EVO2
3. Pekka Koivula XRAY T1 EVO2
4. Teppo Kauppinen XRAY T1 EVO2

5. Jouko Termonen Associated
6. Simo Ahoniemi Corally Prototype
7. Sakke Ahoniemi Corally Prototype
8. Jarno Siltanen XRAY T1 EVO2
9. Matti Eskelinen Schumacher
10 Christer Andersson Associated

The complete report you can find here at myTSN

The set-up from Timo Rinne you can find here at XRAY T1 EVO2 set-up database