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Race Report by Florian Laux
At the 9-10/5/2009 66 racer came together in Sand am Main for the first run of the Nitromasters 2009.

For the first time the new ATS Adherence tire was used as controlled tire for the buggy class.

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From the beginning XRAY 808 driver Phillip Müller in the buggy class and Doleschal Benjamin in the Truggy class dominated the race.

One week after his big sucess at the Astra Nitrocross in Brno, Phillip was again running strong and won the final in front of Thomas Süßmuth and Kettemer Tobias also driving XRAY 808.

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In the Truggy class Benjamin Doleschal won in front of Rüdiger Blomeyer and Armin Kobler.

XRAY driver Phillip Müller

Buggy results:

1. Phillip Müller XRAY XB808
2. Thomas Süßmuth XRAY XB808
3. Tobias Kettemer XRAY XB808
4. Ralf Bauer XRAY XB808

XRAY driver Armin Kobler

Truggy results:

1. Benjamin Doleschal
2. Rüdiger Blomeyer
3. Armin Kobler XRAY XT8

On the well prepaired track, the ATS tire worked very well and the XRAY cars set the pace and again showed their speed and durability.

A perfect weekend and a big „thanks“ to the Team from the MSC Sand.

XRAY driver Thomas Süßmuth

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