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Race Report by Fanatix
The second round of the Greek 1/8 Buggy Nationals was recently held, hosted by the Hobbytech track north of Greece at Serres. Thirty drivers took part in this race in very hot weather… 58°C on the hat of one of our pitman, or around 30-35°C real.

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Our team with our XRAY van and two experienced pitmen was there to support all XRAY drivers. Two XRAY drivers were successful and qualified into the main final.

Qualification results:

1. Kodouzoglou
2. Tsigkos
3. Perogianakis
4. Makropoulos Thanos XRAY XB808
5. Papanikolaou
6. Ferlahidis
7. Agrafiotis Costas XRAY XB808
8. Terzis
9. Tsismenakis
10. Koulousios

Agrafiotis had some good qualification runs, but because of a marshaling penalty had to start from the 7th position.

After the start signal he immediately made it into 2nd place and after a few laps he took the lead and never looked back until the end of the race; he got no serious pressure from the rest of the contenders.

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Thanos Makropoulos got the best lap time of the day, sharing his teammate’s winning set-up. He was not so lucky and due to a pitstop mistake he ended up in 6th place.

Final results:

1. Agrafiotis XRAY XB808

2. Kodouzoglou
3. Tsigkos
4. Papanikolaou
5. Perogianakis
6. Makropoulos XRAY XB808
7. Terzis
8. Tsismenakis
9. Ferlahidis
10. Koulousios

Winner of the B Final was XRAY, too:
1. Zagorisos XRAY XB808

5. Euthimiou XRAY XB808

7. Papadopoulos XRAY XB808

Many thanks to all the XRAY drivers for their efforts.

Photos by Radiocontrol.gr