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Race Report by Ari Heinonen
The second round of the Finnish Open was recently held at the Lavanko track in Vantaa.

The weather was uncooperative for the Buggy class. While it started sunny in the morning, after few hours it started to rain.

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Even with the difficult weather Team XRAY Finland managed to complete a successful race weekend.

Team XRAY Finland driver Ari Heinonen was TQ and he won the race, his car worked a really good even in bad conditions.

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There were 8 XRAY drivers in main final.

1. Ari Heinonen XRAY XB808
2. Jani Hovi
3. Matti Niinistö XRAY XB808
4. Reijo Mattila XRAY XB808
5. Heikki Valtonen XRAY XB808

6. Kalle Kyyrö
7. Marko Eklund
8. Kaius Perttilä XRAY XB808
9. Jari Eklund
10. Aaro Lecklin XRAY XB808
11. Joel Nissinen
12. Sami Huhta XRAY XB8

For the Truggy class, the weather stayed sunny and clear, making for ideal race conditions. Team XRAY Finland driver Arto Heinonen proved to be unstoppable and he won by two laps.

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Truggy final results:

1. Arto Heinonen XRAY XT8

2. Petri Mylläri
3. Joonas Vuojolahti