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Sam Cheng of Hobbylink (Singapore's Xray Importer) proudly presented the Sepang RC Circuit event to the RC enthusiasts in Singapore and its surrounding regions. This event was held on a specially laid-out carpet at the Singapore Expo convention hall and was hosted by the Car-Lovers Super Carnival (auto car show). The track layout had elements from the real Sepang F1 Circuit for which the event was aptly named.

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The on-going auto car show brought curious crowds who watched in wonder at our remarkable RC cars which was blowing past at speeds they've never imagined possible. The crowd also added jitters and excitement to the drivers who were on stage trying to outrun each other.

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Prior to the start, a driver ranking heat was run to divide and group the drivers according to their lap times. The drivers may have taken this ranking heat quite lightly but apparently not so for Bryan/Xray who would set a blistering pace to finish 2-laps ahead of the rest at 29-laps. This certainly settled the pace of the day and got the rest scrambling to bring out their best to outrun this pace.

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The finals was even more competitive. In the first round of the A-Mains, Bryan/Xray caught up from behind to take the lead after the 2 1/2 minute mark, following closely behind was Kenny/Xray and Kelvin/TRF414. Unfortunately on the last lap, at just before the last corner to the finishing line, Bryan's car suffered a crash in traffic thereby allowing Kenny to go by and take the 1st position.

In round 2, it was all Kenny battling with the Tamiya drivers Kelvin and Alvin all the way. Bryan's Xray broke an arm in the 1st round and the car was somewhat not as good after the repairs, leaving him out of contention for 1-2-3 positions

Final Top 10:
1. Kenny Chua / Xray T1
2. Bryan Thng / Xray T1 Evo2
3. Kelvin Khng / Tamiya TRF414M
4. Alvin Koh / Tamiya TRF414M
5. David Tan / Xray T1
6. Frank Tan / Xray T1 Evo2
7. Andrew Ong / Yokomo MR4 (TQ)
8. E-Han / Xray T1
9. Pele Tan / Xray T1 Evo2
10. Rosmani / Xray T1 Evo2

Complete report from this exciting RC cars show in Singapore, including photos you can find as traditionally at the world's largest RC portal myTSN.