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Race Report by Jaime Silva
Round 3 of the Portuguese National Championship was held in Lisbon on May 23/24 with 28 riders entered. The atmosphere on Saturday was relaxed before the clouds rolled in and pilots started to work on their cars.

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On their home turf, the Lisbon pilots were very fast and we had to work hard to get fast. We improved a little bit and we were getting faster, so by the end of the evening we were fairly satisfied with our results. The other pilots of Team XRAY also showed everything was good and would be good for the following day.

The weather was sunny on Sunday morning and we managed to get directly to the semi-final. The Top 3 were:
1. Bruno Coelho
2. Filipe Costa XRAY NT1
3. Jaime Silva XRAY NT1

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In the hotly-contested semi-final, things went badly in the first 10 minutes, but later settled down and gave a 3rd place result.

The final took place without major problems.

Bruno Coelho & Bruno Pereira were out front and began to set a tremendous pace. After about 5 minutes the lead three pretty much showed how to make the turns. All the others were several meters behind. At 10 minutes and the second refueling stop, I returned to the track in the lead starting in 3rd place. From there I gave maximum concentration, and made no errors that could endanger my. I ended up winning the race.

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Final Top 10:

1. Jaime Silva XRAY NT1

2. Bruno Coelho
3. Joseph Pequito XRAY NT1
4. Bruno Pereira XRAY NT1

5. Gonçalo Almeida
6. Jorge FĂ©lix XRAY NT1
7. Diogo Moreira
8. Pedro Silva
9. John Full
10. Fabio Ramos
11. Filipe Costa XRAY NT1

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