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Race Report by Tom Goh
Round 4 of the Just Hobby Challenge took place on June 14, 2009 at the Just Hobby Race Circuit. It was a cloudy morning but turned out to be a bright sunny day later in the afternoon.

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Qualifying Rounds
The first round of qualifying started at 9:30AM. The morning traction was not ideal and XRAY driver Tom Goh and Jesse Wu qualified in the 2nd and 3rd positions followed by Don Ng and Don Chng in 6th and 8th positions. By the second round of qualifying a wrong tyre choice followed by changing track conditions made it even more difficult to improve our grid position. At the end of the qualifying, there were four XRAY cars in the Top 10.

Qualifying order :
1. Nelson Lee
2. Philip Lee
3. Tom Goh XRAY NT1
4. Jesse Wu XRAY NT1

5. Othman
6. Don Ng XRAY NT1
7. Terence Chung
8. Don Chng XRAY NT1
9. Aidi
10. Hafiz

In the 45-minute A-main final , Nelson, Philip and Tom had a great start and were already a good distance away from the chasing pack. Nelson and Philip led followed closely behind by Tom. At the 3min mark Tom overtook Philip and Nelson and was leading the pack, and the three cars were very close to each other even after the second refueling stop.

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On the third refueling stop, Nelson and Philip both had flameouts which dropped them to the back. In the meantime, Jesse was having some problems with radio glitches had to drop back many positions. Don Chng and Don Ng were steadily climbing up to podium positions and holding them well.
Tom had a comfortable lead and never looked back. Nelson and Philip both had great comebacks and were battling for 2nd and 3rd place, dropping Don Chng and Don Ng to 4th and 5th place.
The race ended with a comfortable win for Tom Goh with his XRAY NT1, follow by Nelson and Philip. Don Chng finish in 4th place followed by Don Ng taking 5th, Jesse Wu finished 6th due to radio glitches. So we had three XRAY cars in the Top 5 positions! We also had young XRAY driver Amirvl Rafiq making his debut in the Just Hobby Nitro Challenge.

In the B-main final we had Daryl with a newly-assembled 2009 NT1 taking the win, giving Team XRAY a clean sweep of the Just Hobby Nitro Challenge.

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Final results

1) Tom Goh XRAY NT1
2) Nelson Lee
3) Philip Lee
4) Don Chng XRAY NT1
5) Don Ng XRAY NT1
6) Jesse Wu XRAY NT1

7) Hafiz
8) Terence Chung
9) Aidi
10) Othman

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XRAY drivers (from left): Bobby, Don, Jesse, Don and Tom. And young driver Rafiq from Malaysia.
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