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Race Report by Fanatix
The Greek Championship was held under very hot weather with good traction and around 50 drivers. There were seven XRAYs in the A-final, two XRAYs on the podium, and 22 out of 45 cars were XRAY.

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Agrafiotis borrowed an XRAY NT1 from a friend and raced 1/10, managing to TQ and almost win but in the last pitstop a small mistake pushed him back to 3rd place. Piknis had a steady race without mistakes and finished in a respectable 2nd place, making him a serious contender for the championship. Yound 12-year old Likaris had a very good race, finishing 4th and showing he is another serious contender for the championship. Papamathaiou (without any practice) only came Sunday morning for the race without preparing his NT1, and made the A-final.

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Final Results

1. Sidiropoulos
2. Piknis XRAY NT1
3. Agrafiotis XRAY NT1 TQ
4. Likaris XRAY NT1

5. Malisovas
6. Papamathaiou XRAY NT1
7. Polimeros XRAY NT1
8. Gazetas XRAY NT1
9. Petroglou XRAY NT1

10. Zaxaropoulos

We want to thank all the drivers and supporting shops that make XRAY the top most preferred racecar in Greece.