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Race Report by Beat Wälti
Saturday morning saw the track fill up with drivers keen to get in some practice. The circuit had been treated with sugar water, which meant it had fantastic grip right from the first lap. It quickly became clear that the lap record from last year would not stand for long. At 4:00PM, practice started in groups and the lap times were recorded.

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(click to enlarge)

Top 3 after these 5min practice rounds:

1. Beat Wälti XRAY NT1
2. Traugott Schär XRAY NT1
3. Martin Wenger XRAY NT1

Afterwards, the circuit was opened again for free practice until 6:00PM.

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(click to enlarge)

Sunday began with weather that equaled Saturday’s… brilliant sunshine. Practice in group order started at 9:15AM followed by the three qualifying rounds before midday.

1. Beat Wälti XRAY NT1
2. Traugott Schär XRAY NT1
3. Petros Diamantogiannis XRAY NT1 (new fastest lap : 13.904 sec)
4. Luca Martinelli XRAY NT1

After lunch came the quarter-final followed by the semi-final. The semi-finals resulted in the following drivers joining the four direct qualifiers for the main final: Martin Wenger, Giacomo Moretti, Giovanni Bonetti, Donato Larocco, Marco Reiser and Monika Ackermann.

Final results:

1. Wälti Beat XRAY NT1
2. Schaer Traugott jr. XRAY NT1
3. Martinelli Luca XRAY NT1
4. Moretti Giacomo XRAY NT1
5. Diamantogiannis Petros XRAY NT1
6. Reiser Marco XRAY NT1

7. Bonetti Giovanni
8 Wenger Martin XRAY NT1
9. Ackermann Monika XRAY NT1

10. Larocca Donato

Eight XRAY NT1 cars stood in the final run!

I would like to thank the Langenthal Racing Club for the brilliantly-organized event. Thanks also to my mechanic Guido for the quick fuel stops and his help over the entire weekend, and of course to HUDY, XRAY, T&M Models for their support.

Cheers, and until next time!

Beat Wälti's Set-up sheet.