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Race Report by Inaki Pahissa
Round 3 of the Spanish National Championship took place in Gijon on July 10-12.

Right from the beginning, local driver Eduardo Escandon set the pace with a lap time of only 16.9sec, followed by Rodrigo Pahissa with a 17.0. In the qualifiers, Edu was the sole driver to achieve 25 laps, setting a new track record. Behind him, Rodrigo Pahissa qualified in 2nd place, Victor Pelaez in 3rd and Mikel Angulo in 4th . Despite the fact that he had been 4th all day, in the final qualifier a small mistake benefited Javier Alonso who managed to climb to 4th.

In main final, Edu set an incredible pace that no other driver could follow, winning the race with Victor Pelaz in 2nd place and Rodrigo Pahissa in 3rd… making it an all-XRAY podium and confirming that these three drivers are part of the future in Spain. Moreover, eight XRAY cars managed to get into the main final, being one of the best results ever in Spain for the XRAY brand.

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Final results:

1. Edu Escandon XRAY NT1
2. Victor Pelaez XRAY NT1
3. Rodrigo Pahissa XRAY NT1
4. Rafael Ortiz XRAY NT1
5. Hugo Santos XRAY NT1

6. Luis Cayetano
7. Javier Alonso
8. Ruben Jaen XRAY NT1
9. Carlos AgĂĽero XRAY NT1
10. Mikel Angulo XRAY NT1