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Race Report by Dotan Halevy
Round 7 of the Israel Super League took place at "Top Drive" racetrack. The track was in very bad condition and got harder to drive in every heat.


The first heat was quite good for me. I had only one mistake and the marshal wasn’t there, but it was still good enough for TQ. Dan Price also had a good run and a little better in the second heat and secured 2nd position overall. Both of us were the only drivers on a 10-lap pace. Adir Zvuluni was 3rd, missing the 10th lap by only a second.
Very good qualifying results in the Buggy class – XRAY in 1, 2, and 3.

Truggy class was almost the same with the team placing 1, 2, and 4.
David Shema was on fire and he got the TQ. Erez Even-Hen got the next best result and secured the 2nd position. Both did 10-laps runs and a third driver from another team (Omer Asayag) also had a 10-lap run. Ofer Rozen was 4th and missed a 10-lap run by only a second.

In the Buggy class, the first semi-final was very good for me and the team. I finished first with 35 laps (3 laps up on 2nd place), Paul Price finished 3rd with 31 laps, and Adir Zvuluni finished 4th also with 31 laps. In the second semi-final, Da Price finished 2nd with 32 laps. In the main final, my car’s performance was awesome and I finished 1st with a 4-lap lead over 2nd place. Adir Zvuluni was also very fast and finished 3rd.

In Truggy class, David Shema was very fast on the first semi-final and finished 1st. In the second semi-final, Ofer Rozen and Erez Even-Hen did very well and finished 2nd and 3rd. In the main final, David Shema – the favorite for the win – suffered a broken bearing which put him out of the running. Ofer and Erez finished 3rd and 4th.

Buggy results:

1. Dotan Halevy XRAY XB808

2. Yaniv levy
3. Adir Zvuluni XRAY XB808
4. Guy Rinkevich
5. Avi Yadgar
6. Pavel Shliofman
7. Deddy Vinogradov
8. Reem Gross
9. Kobi Cohen
10. Paul Price XRAY XB808
11. Dan Price XRAY XB808

12. Omer Asayag

Truggy results:

1. Meir Azulay
2. Tzahi Seeik
3. Ofer Rozen XRAY XT8
4. Erez Even-chen XRAY XT8

5. Tomer Grinberg
6. Chen Hazan
7. Omer Asayag
8. Benny Visler XRAY XT8
9. Itai Keidar
10. Or Cohen
11. Kobi Cohen
12. David Shema XRAY XT8