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Race Report by Dotan Halevy
The eighth and final race of the Israel Super League took place at the "Top Drive" racetrack. The track was prepared and was supposed to be better than the last race, but it quickly got even worse.

This race was also the one that would decide the final league results. In Buggy class I needed to finish one place ahead of Yaniv Levy to win the league. In Truggy class the results were quite open.

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In Buggy class, the first round was quite good for me but I made a mistake on the last lap and only got 2nd place. Adir Zvuluni had a good heat which placed him high.

In the second heat I bent my front shock from a car that flew into me from the other direction, but somehow I made TQ in this round. At the end qualifying I was TQ, Adir Zvuluni was 4th and Dan Price was 5th.

In Truggy class, David Shema was very fast in both heats, securing 2nd place. Erez Even-Hen was 3rd and Ofer Rozen was 5th.


In Buggy class, in the first semi-final Asi Bitton was the only XRAY driver and he finished 4th. In the second semi-final, I started first and took the lead but halfway into race I had four flameouts and so I finished 2nd behind Dan Price.

In the main final, Dan Price started first, I started 3rd and Asi Bitton started 8th.
At the start I lost many positions but gradually made it into the lead until the flameouts began again. At the end Dan finished 1st, I finished 5th and Asi (who also had engine troubles) finished 7th.

Due to those results I didn’t win the league but still qualified for the Worlds. At the end of the league, I finished 2nd and Dan Price finished 3rd overall.

In Truggy class, Ofer Rozen finished 5th and Erez Even-Hen finished 8th. The final league results were Ofer in 2nd and Erez in 3rd overall.

Buggy results:

1. Dan Price XRAY 808
2. Paul Price
3. Yaniv Levy
4. Menashe Michaeli
5. Dotan Halevy XRAY 808
6. Avi Yadgar
7. Asi Bitton XRAY 808
8. Guy Tzoler
9. Pavel Shliofman
10. Omer London XRAY 808

Truggy results:

1. Itzik Vanunu
2. Meir Azulay
3. Tomer Grinberg
4. Chen Hazan
5. Ofer Rozen XRAY XT8
6. Tzahi Seeik
7. Or Cohen
8. Erez Even- Chen XRAY XT8
9. Kobi Cohen
10. Hovav Sivoni