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2009 Season Summary by Dotan Halevy
The 2008-2009 was a pretty good season for the old-new team.

After a year off from the team for most of us, we reestablished the team from the ground up. This was also the first time that a truggy was included in the national league.

At the beginning, most of the team felt good with the cars and had good results from the very first race. All of the year the XRAY importer (Asi Bitton) was in charge of technical support and I was in charge of setup and on-track performance of the cars for most of the team, including both buggy and truggy.

We noticed that when the cars were well prepared they are always finished the race!

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One of the biggest surprises of the year was Erez Even-Hen who finished 3rd overall in the Truggy class, despite the fact that it is his first year racing. Also making a name in pack were Dan Price (buggy), Adir Zvuluni (buggy), Ronen Alkalay (buggy), Ofer Rozen (truggy), and David Shema (truggy) who could easily have placed higher with a little bit more luck. Asi Bitton also made good progress through the year but it was a little to late for him to get a final good result.

At the end of the year, the team was easily marked as the best team, winning 6 races out of 8 in Buggy class and 2 in Truggy class, while having podium finishes every race in both classes.

In the Buggy class, I won four races, Adir Zvuluni won one race, and Dan Price also won one race. In fact, I was in the lead in every race but weird engine problems let me only win four.

In the Truggy class, Meir Azulay won two races when he was on the team, and Erez Even-Hen and Ofer Rozen stood on the podium at almost every race.

At the end of season I finished in 2nd place overall, which qualified me for the 2010 World Championship. Dan Price finished 3rd overall.

In Truggy, Ofer Rozen finished 2nd overall and Erez Even-hen was 3rd overall.

I would like to thank XRAY for their support this year.

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Overall Buggy results:

1. Yaniv Levy
2. Dotan Halevy XRAY 808
3. Dan Price XRAY 808

4. Guy Rinkevich
5. Avi Yadgar
6. Paul Price
7. Ronen Alkalay XRAY 808
8. Asi Bitton XRAY 808

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Overall Truggy results:

1. Tomer Grinberg
2. Ofer Rozen XRAY XT8
3. Erez Even-hen XRAY XT8

4. Meir Azulay
5. Itzik Vanunu
6. Hen Hazan
7. David Shema XRAY XT8